Courtney Barnett Sings About A Melbourne Suburb

Courtney Barnett Sings About A Melbourne Suburb


In the fine honoured tradition of singing about about Melbourne suburbs, our local indie darling Courtney Barnett has just dropped her latest music video from her forthcoming hotly anticipated debut album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit.

The mellow indie folk song about house hunting called 'Depreston' is about her trip to Preston, a northern suburb in Melbourne. Courtney lives one suburb away in Thornbury. Ironically, the music video does not feature one video frame of Preston.

Anybody that lives in Melbourne northern suburbs will quickly realise all of the streetview video footage has been captured in another northern suburb of Reservoir. It features the following businesses: Il Forno Ciabattaria, Quick Response Fabrics, North West Tyres, Kesko, Procater Services and Pinnacle Print Group. Plus those overhead electricity lines and wider tree lined roads are a giveaway.

Courtney Barnett Sings About A Melbourne Suburb

The long list of Australian artists to pay homage Melbourne suburbs include Skyhooks with 'Carlton (Lygon Street Limbo)', 'Balwyn Calling' and 'Toorak Cowboy' from their classic debut album, Living in the 70's. This Is Serious Mum AKA TISM released, 'I Go To Werribee', 'The Mordialloc Road Duplicator' and 'Fourteen Years In Rowville'. Damian Cowell continued this fine tradition with his music career after TISM, releasing 'Spring Me Out Of Caroline Springs' by Root! and 'Melbourne Burning' by The DC3. High Tension released 'Collingwood' last year and The Bedroom Philosopher had a surprise hit with 'Northcote (So Hungover)'. One of Dan Sultan's most famous songs is called 'Old Fitzroy' and of course, we can't fail to mention Paul Kelly's classic 'From St Kilda to Kings Cross'.

Courtney's album Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit is due for a March 20th release. She is playing at Golden Plains and A Festival Called Panama this weekend before going on a lightning overseas tour which includes a turn at SXSW in the US, France, the UK and Germany before returning back to Australia in May. Then she is jetsetting around the globe to do Bonnaroo, Sasquatch Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival, Newport Folk Fest, Lowlands and lots more. That's a pretty busy schedule.

Courtney Barnett On Tour

7th March - Meredith - Golden Plains Festival
8th March - Launceston - A Festival Called Panama
1st May Adelaide - The Gov
2nd May Perth - The Bakery
8th May Sydney - The Metro
9th May West End Qld - The HiFi
15th May Melbourne - The Forum


Meanwhile on the twittersphere, Courtney reveals that she was actually house hunting in Coburg and not Preston.

Courtney Barnett Sings About A Melbourne Suburb
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