An Open Apology To Redfoo

An Open Apology To Redfoo

Dear Redfoo,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that you felt "defamed" by my article.

I'm sorry that you were so upset by my article that you had to get your lawyers, the ones all the way over in New York, to send me a letter demanding that I retract, correct and apologise.

I'm sorry that I failed to notice that "Fact #1: The word "slut" never appears in the lyrics to #LiterallyICant". I guess I was too stunned that a song telling women to "shut the fuck up" saw the light of day.

I'm sorry that I don't see "Fact #2: I love & respect women and feel they are the most powerful people on this planet! #LiterallyICant" as an excuse. I love women too. I love my mum, and my sister, and my grandma, and aunties, and cousins, and friends. I love women so much that I fail to see how this wart of a tune ever seemed like a good idea.

I'm sorry that I don't get the joke. "Fact #3: @PlaynSkillz @LilJon @EnertiaMcFly & I made a comical party song to satirize the cliche #LiterallyICant. Some get it, some don’t." I suppose if I was to find humour in this song, I'd have to really split my sides at casual misogyny, and the perpetuation of rape culture, which I unapologetically don't.

I'm sorry that Australia, my home, has put you in a position of power over young singers, many of them women. I always found the idea of singers being judged by someone who fluked their career, partially by birthright, partially by producing repetitive songs with lyrics like "the ladies love us when we pour shots, they need an excuse to suck our cocks", kind of icky. I never quite got why, with genuinely talented singer/songwriters dangling from overripe vines, Australia felt the need to import talent but that is another story for another day.

I'm sorry that you have publicly committed what could well be career suicide. Who could have seen this happening? Oh that's right, anyone with eyes, or ears, or a brain. Anyone with a vagina who is sick of being hassled by entitled dickheads when they go out. Anyone with a penis who is embarrassed by members of their own sex, who are sick the "bro" culture that your music champions.

I'm sorry that you seem to be singled out for public crucifixion. Play-N-Skills, Lil' Jon, and Enertia McFly (whoever he is) should all be held equally accountable, and educated as to why this song is not okay. You are all men, you are sons, partners, friends, colleagues, even fathers. No matter how many records you have sold, no matter which musical dynasty you belong to, no matter which reality show you are affiliated with- you are not above being called on your bullshit, which you have overwhelmingly found out over the last few days.

I hope that you can apologise, too. Not because you're surfing a wave of public outrage, not because your network bosses are squirming in their seats, not because you're trying to save your own skin, but because you acknowledge that you made a catastrophic error in judgement, because you were wrong, and because you can genuinely see why you were wrong.

Make amends, seek education, and grow from this.

You know what to do.

Your friends, the little guys

Maddy Thomas and the team at The Dwarf.
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