Chet Faker roadtested new album 'Built on Glass' on ChatRoulette

Chet Faker roadtested new album 'Built on Glass' on ChatRoulette

It's not exactly unusual for a musician to give a sneak peek of a work in progress to fans but what is somewhat out of the norm is the way that Chet Faker apparently decided to preview his forthcoming album Built On Glass last year; he did it via ChatRoulette.

Speaking to Faster Louder he explained; “Mostly people didn’t know who I was, or what was going on – half of them skipped me. I went through ChatRoulette, blasting my record. I’d be like ‘hey, what do you think of this song?’, and they’d either skip, or say, ‘show me your dick’, or something like that.”

Those who did take a moment to stop and listen were treated to a sound that is somewhat different for Faker, aka Nick Murphy; “I wanted to show myself musically [with this album]. That I am interested in house music, that I do listen to some of the heavier electronic stuff, and I do like soul jams. I was conscious of the fact that using a consistent vocal style, and using certain instruments, like the guitar, and the Rhodes keyboard, helped me to tie it all together, and allowed me to be more experimental and out there in terms of styles.”

Built On Glass, which includes the single 'Talk is Cheap debuts next week.

Watch: Chet Faker Talk is Cheap

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