Sevendust cancel Soundwave 2014 appearance

Sevendust cancel Soundwave 2014 appearance

Atlanta based heavy metal outfit Sevendust have pulled out of Soundwave 2014.

The band made the announcement on their Facebook page, not offering a lot of details, simply that the circumstances were out of their control and they hoped to make it up to Australian fans in the future:

As a number of fans quickly pointed out in the comments section though this is the third time the band has cancelled out of a trip Down Under and they have actually not made it here since they were at Soundwave in 2011. In the past they have cancelled support slots with Creed and Avenged Sevenfold on their Australian tours.

Guitarist John Connolly's wife Lori, who also admins the page, then began addressing fans from her personal account. At first she was as vague as the original post while defending the band's actions writing; To all the 7dust fans you are amazing loyal & understanding .... It is what they posted "Beyond their control" ....My husband is one of the hardest working people I know and lives for this band and the fans he calls family ..... Sorry this happened
- Lori Connolly." A later post indicated perhaps a rift with organisers however; "It's Lori Connolly Johns wife again... It is sad that they have pulled out "out of their control"
Why would they say yes let's play and then say nah ... Come on it's not their choice can't say it enough ....All John ever said was show amazing OZ was and I'm sad I have never seen it ....I'm sure if they could personally apologize to each person they would !!!!! I am personally saddened by the anger but understand disappointment !!!! Lori Connolly".

Soundwave organisers have not commented yet.

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