Check out the crazy tale behind the G n R Chinese Democracy leak

Check out the crazy tale behind the G n R Chinese Democracy leak

Got a few minutes to kill and want to read a really crazy story? Then we have the tale for you. It is the 8,000 word account of the strange circumstances that surrounded the leak of the Guns 'N' Roses 'masterpiece' Chinese Laundry and the nutso fallout that turned one blogger's life upside down.

The account has been posted by the blogger himself, Kevin Cogill, known online as “Skwerl”, and details what happened to him, back in 2008, after a copy of a nine track pre-release version of the album that belonged to Interscope Records co-founder Jimmy Iovine came into his possession.

Being a blogger, Cogill did what anyone in his position would, posted it on his site for his readers to listen to via a streaming service. Pretty harmless right? Not quite. What followed included a slew of cease and desist orders from GNR, an at gunpoint arrest by the FBI and a trial that made no sense to half of the legal eagles involved in it. It's a fascinating tale and a great glimpse into the mixed up world of music copyright and US law. You can read it in full here
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