Carrie Brownstein discusses possible Sleater-Kinney reunion, the future of Wild Flag

Carrie Brownstein discusses possible Sleater-Kinney reunion, the future of Wild Flag

Back at the beginning of December Portland's riot grrrl legends Sleater - Kinney made a surprise appearance at Pearl Jam's gig in their hometown, marking the first time that Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss had performed onstage together in over eight years.

That appearance obviously sparked rumours that the threesome were ready to make the reunion that Brownstein promised back in 2010 will become a reality to celebrate the band's 20th anniversary. The fact that she has also said in the past that she thinks her Wild Flag side project with Weiss may have run its creative course made the chatter even louder.

In an interview with Stereogum Brownstein has finally addressed the rumours head on and it actually sounds quite hopeful. She said of a possible reunion; “This is something I was actually talking about with Tavi Gevinson who does Rookie Mag. I’m such a fan of hers and her writing, and we were having coffee in Portland and we were just talking about how when something is very tied to a certain time in your life — it’s sometimes hard to reenter that at a different age or with a different perspective. So, it’s like finding a way into the container that is Sleater-Kinney, finding a way of entering that with something that isn’t necessarily as urgent as it was for me when I was 22. What I appreciate about Sleater-Kinney is that we did six records and they all felt different. It was a band that was able to encapsulate different sensibilities because we were focusing on it as music and art and not as a statement. That was something other people ascribed to it more than we did. So I would be curious. I think we have more to say. I think we ended at a time when it wasn’t tapering off, actually. I would be curious to know what the rest of the story is with that band.”

Just when she might find the time to fit it in is questionable as in the interview she also discusses finishing her autobiography as well as writing a fifth season of her comedy show Portlandia (before the fourth even airs) and she is not necessarily writing off Wild Flag yet either; “I think a lot of people want stories or lives to have very distinct beginnings, middles, and endings. Generally I think things are a little more fluid than that. So I’m not really sure. It makes sense to me right now that Wild Flag isn’t going to do anything in the near future, and I’m pretty happy with the record we put out. But I never really thought of it as something that was going to have a really monolithic identity or one that is very fixed. We did it and it was fun and it was good for me to do something that was different from Sleater-Kinney and to play with Mary Timony, she’s such a great guitar player.”

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