Deadmau5 launching his own music service

Deadmau5 launching his own music service

EDM whizkid Deadmau5 is apparently planning to launch his own music subscription service of some kind this weekend.

According to posts he made of his official Facebook page the service will be "unadulterated music and live streams and access to pretty much everything I have on the go." while he also promises "no spam. no phony accounts. no bullshit. no annoying kids. no nothing". Up until now the producer has been using Soundcloud to distribute his music and his been uploading there all week long, including a 13 minute track '777' that you can check out below.

On Friday Deadmau5 predicted his service, whatever it is going to be, would be ready in "24 hours I think." At the time of writing he hasn't posted again but it will be interesting to see just what he has up his sleeve.

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