Meet Salvador Dali Parton - A Mumfords/Vaccine supergroups

Meet Salvador Dali Parton - A Mumfords/Vaccine supergroup

There's a new supergroup on the scene, made up of members of Mumford & Sons and the Vaccines; Salvador Dali Parton and they will be playing their very first gigs in Nashville this week.

The band is made up of the Vaccines Justin Hayward-Young, the Mumfords' Winston Marshall, Old Crow Medicine Show's Gill Landry, Apache Relay's Mike Harris and Jake Orrall, one half of Jeff the Brotherhood, which is quite a strange brew indeed.

This is the first project to emerge for Marshall since the Mumfords announced a indefinite hiatus a few weeks ago.

What does this odd mashup actually sound like? According to the Rolling Stone's Adam Gold who attended their first gig; "SPD’s songs sounded like a (predictably) sloppy, sludge-y early Black Sabbath ground down into Dadaist shambles". Well OK then.

We did dig up some footage from the gig, so you can judge for yourself but we love the outfits.

Watch Salvador Dali Parton - Opener

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