The Strokes Eye 2014 Return

The Strokes Eye 2014 Return

The Strokes Eye 2014 Return

Taking a rather cryptic route to do so, New York City's The Strokes appear to have announced that they are intending to return to the scene in a big way in 2014.

In a newsletter that was actually sent to promote guitarist Albert Hammond Jr's solo effort a new EP, titled 'AHJ' that was released last week the band wrote "Hey folks, while The Strokes are toiling and writing, looking at 2014 for a return to the scene, Albert Hammond Jr. has been busy on his solo EP…"

The Strokes last combined effort 'Comedown Machine' hit earlier this year, but the band made it clear at the time they had no plans to tour to support it. However, Hammond Jr. later allayed any fears that the band might be done for good when he told the press "We've come to the point where we've been together so long and been through so much that why announce anything besides what we're doing? We're just together."

Discussing his own solo work he said "It’s a combination of both previous recordings, which in turn makes it feel like it’s the best material that I’ve made so far."refering to his previous solo outings 2006 's 'Yours To Keep' and 2008's '¿Cómo Te Llama?'

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