Former Pink Floyd Member Roger Waters Regrets Legal Action Against Bandmates

Former Pink Floyd member Roger Waters explains the legal action he took against his fellow band mates David Gilmour and Nick Mason in 1986 over the continuation of the name and tracks without him was wrong.

Roger recently spoke with BBC’s Hardtalk after revealing he regrets the decision he made: “I was wrong! Of course I was.”

Roger also told host Stephen Sackur: “Listen we’re broke, this isn’t Pink Floyd anymore', they went, 'What do you mean? That’s irrelevant, it is a label and it has commercial value, you can't say it’s going to cease to exist, you obviously haven’t looked back to Runnymede, you obviously don’t understand English jurisprudence… It’s not about what you think, it’s about… it’s what it is. The law is everything what we have, that’s what The Wall is about.“ whilst admitting that at the time it was seen as a legal and commercial decision where it was the few times the two industries had taught him something.

Recently, ‘Wish You Were Here’ is the first song to be available by the band via online streaming and has one million hits.

Darren has also revealed plans to record and release a new solo album.

Check-out a snippet of the interview below!

WATCH: Pink Floyd Star Roger Waters Regrets Suing Band BBC News:

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