Jimi Hendrix's Ex Unimpressed With New Biopic

Jimi Hendrix's Ex Unimpressed With New Biopic

The Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side is just about to hit the cinemas, and stars Outkast's Andre 3000 as the late iconic rocker.

The film has been met with much anticipation, but the former girlfriend of Hendrix is not impressed with the portrayal of the superstar's life.

Kathy Etchingham told UK publication Sunday Express that she was less than impressed with the choice of actors: "Andre and Hayley Atwell are much older than Jimi and I were and it shows."

She went on to take a stab at the costume design: "It's got Austin Powers written all over it. I would not be seen dead in anything like that."

She was also unhappy about the lack of input she had into the production: "I wrote them an email when I first heard about it saying if you want any help don't hesitate to contact me," she said. "They didn't reply."

The film focuses on Hendrix's pre-stardom years, and also stars Imogen Poots. No release date has been set for Australia as yet.
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