Snowdroppers Get Ready to Knick Your Panties

Snowdroppers Get Ready to Knick Your Panties

With The Snowdroppers getting ready to tour this September, it's high time we all revisit the peculiarity of 'snow-dropping' in and of itself: apparently the act of knicking women's underwear from their clotheslines.

We can only hope that women around Australia are aware of the tour and keep their delicates away from opportunistic hands.

Regardless, The Snowdroppers will begin their run of shows on September 6, helped out by fellow rockers Gay Paris. Whether they really are serial panty-knickers or not remains to be seen.

Friday September 6 - Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane QLD

Saturday September 7 - Jive Bar, Adelaide SA

(Black) Friday September 13 - John Curtin Band Room, Carlton VIC

Saturday September 21 - Annandale Hotel, Annandale NSW *not with Gay Paris

Tickets on sale now
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