Splendour In The Grass 2013 To Debut RFID Technology

Splendour In The Grass 2013 To Debut RFID Technology

Splendour In The Grass will be getting all technical this year as the Byron Bay event will the first festival in Australia to introduce advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to replace the old trusty wristbands.

Don't know what a RFID is? Well you're not alone!

Splendour has teamed up with Intellitix, who claim to be the "global leader in RFID for live events". Intellitex have developed the technology which provides fraud-proof, fast and secure access control systems, and a host of interactive possibilities for fans.

Splendour punters can also choose to opt in to instantly check-in via Facebook to share festival experiences by updating their Facebook status and post live music updates at custom-built Live Click Stations around the festival site, which makes rubbing in to all your mates that your at Splendour and their not all that bit easier.

If you thought all that just wasn't quite enough, something called Deezer will also be delivering a first to market opportunity for Australian festival goers. Deezer will be giving each registered RFID attendee the chance to relive their festival journey by delivering customised music content based around the artists they saw each day. These playlists will be delivered directly to the attendee in an email and will be determined by the stages they check-in to.

Splendour In The Grass goers will join the likes of 3.5 million RFID chip users at other massive festivals such as Coachella, Bonnaroo and Tomorrowland.

If you're heading to Splendour and want to join in on the wrisband revolution, head to the link here and register.

If you're still intrigued how far the humble wristband has evolved to the all-conquering super-thing that the good people at Intelltix have developed, check out their video created for this years Bonnaroo festival.

It all sounds good but apart from the anti-fraud capabilities is the rest of it really necessary?
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