Splendour In The Grass Drops More Clues On Mystery B∆nd (Hint Hint)

Splendour In The Grass Drops More Clues On Mystery B∆nd (Hint Hint)

Get your Sherlock Holmes hats on Splendour In The Grassers, because those funny kids organising the festival are having a splendid time teasing us with vague clues as to who is the big ‘Mystery B∆nd’.

On the Splendour In The Grass official Facebook page appeared the tongue-in-cheek declaration that: “Of all the hundreds of people who have asked us since lineup announce in spite of the fact it is supposed to be a MYSTERY, it is your post that has finally made us cave… It’s The Rolling Stones.”

And as disappointing as this may be for some Stones fans, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re pulling our legs on that front.

However, organisers did drop some more hints on who the mystery band is, and it’s shaping up to be a pretty big name: “We are not just talking your average, run of the mill mystery here but one of life’s great ones.”

Apparently, the biggest clue on offer is right in front of us: “Look closely at a particular poster and you will see…”

According to a poll taken by FasterLouder.com.au, British indie quartet Alt-J are the runaway leaders in the guessing game with 69 percent of the vote. Although drummer Thom Green hastily distanced the band from the rumours, the fact that Alt-J’s triangular logo featured in the Splendour announcement has set fan tongues a wagging. In distant second are the Frenchmen of the moment, electro duo Daft Punk.

Elsewhere on the interwebs however, there are other sharp minds hypothesising that it could be 30 Seconds to Mars, with some pointing out those chaps have been using the triangular image since Alt-J were still in the womb.

Splendour 2013 will take place from Friday July 26 to Sunday July 28 at the festival’s new site in North Byron Parklands, Yelgun. This year’s lineup is especially jaw dropping with the inclusion of acts like Mumford and Sons, Frank Ocean, Matt Corby, Of Monsters and Men, The Presets, Empire of the Sun, with the mystery band wedged between Laura Marling and The Rubens on the final day.

Can you guess the Mystery Band?

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