Nick Littlemore Wants Big Bucks To Tour

Nick Littlemore Wants Big Bucks To Tour

Empire Of The Sun seem to be picky when it comes to touring prices. It's reported that Nick Littlemore refused to play five shows for one million dollars after the release of their last album Walking On The Sun.

The other half of the band, Luke Steele revealed this sensitive business information in a recent interview with Pedestrian.

It's a little uncertain as to whether Steele is telling the truth or not, but considering their newest album is just about to launch it would be a curious move to make if it were a fib.

Let's hope the band won't knock back too many offers following the release of their upcoming album.

Another interesting fact was released in the interview that Daniel Johns from Silverchair and Steele had been working together on a new project.

The Empire's new album, Ice On The Dune will be available this Friday June 14. Check out the clip Alive below for a sneak peak of what's to come.

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