As I Lay Dying Singer Pleads Not Guilty

As I Lay Dying Singer Pleads Not Guilty

Tim Lambesis, the singer for heavy metal outfit As I Lay Dying, has pleaded not guilty to hiring a hitman to murder his wife.

If you are currently staring at the words "hiring a hitman", you probably need to get the background details:

Part 3:

The Associated Press has reported that Lambesis pleaded not guilty to the charges, and revealed further details of the accusations.

The prosecution alleges that Lambesis paid $1000 to an undercover detective called "Red", told Red how he wanted the murder done, and divulged his wife's address and security codes.

Lambesis also, apparently, set up dates where his three adopted children could alibi him.

His lawyer, Anthony Salerno, has labelled the charges a frame job.

He told reporters: "Law enforcement was being fed something by someone that I strongly believe was a snitch, was out to save his own skin, and was trumping things up, exaggerating things."

The judge set bail at $3 million (US), and if Lambesis makes that, he will not be able to leave California or approach his wife or children.

The restrictions on travel will probably mess with the band's upcoming tour, depriving fans of the live action seen in this video for 'Through Struggle'.

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