A Laneway Called Rowland S Howard

A Laneway Called Rowland S Howard

There are celebrations in St Kilda tonight as the Port Phillip Council has voted unanimous in favour of the naming of a laneway after Rowland S Howard, the legendary guitarist of The Birthday Party, who died from liver cancer in 2009.

The laneway is between Eildon Road and Jackson Street in St Kilda.

As stated on the Facebook group that started this initiative:

Both Rowland and his music hold a special place in the hearts and minds of not just the local residents, past and present, but also the live music comunity worlwide and we would like to celebrate this memory for the future.

A Laneway Called Rowland S Howard
Angela Howard signing the petition.

The petition was presented at the meeting that had been signed by many renowned international musicians, including US musicians, Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth, Henry Rollins, Barry Adamson and Shane MacGowan of the Pogues.

UPDATE from the ABC News:

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