MONA reveal details of 'Dark Mofo' their inaugural winter festival

MONA reveal details of 'Dark Mofo' their inaugural winter festival

MONA, The Museum of Old and New Art have announced their inaugural winter festival Dark Mofo, running June 13-23, 2013 in and around Hobart. Celebrating both ancient and contemporary mythologies, darkness and light, birth and death, fire and ice - with some good music, art and food thrown in.

Dark Mofo Creative Director Leigh Carmichael said: “Dark Mofo is a celebration of the dark through large-scale public art, food, music, light and noise. The program explores the idea of darkness through exhibitions and performances held during the winter solstice period at venues throughout Hobart.

“Festival highlights include the winter feast at PW1, The Presets, the night-time opening of MONA's new exhibition ‘The Red Queen’, Ryoji Ikeda's ‘Spectra’ at the Queens Domain, ‘Vandemonian Lags - New Songs from the Prison without Walls’ at the Princess Theatre and the Theatre Royal, and Disney's ‘Fantasia’ which will be played with the full Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra at the Derwent Entertainment Centre.

MONA's first large-scale public art project and exhibition, ‘Beam In Thine Own Eye’; a ‘Winter Feast’ that will enliven the Hobart waterfront with food, fire and dance; plus the night-time opening of MONA's new major exhibition, ‘The Red Queen’; a Dark Mofo Films program; along with the usual Mofo shenanigans.


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MONA owner David Walsh said: “I like Tasmanian winters. Australians think it's too cold here in winter. And people from the northern hemisphere (at least those that have heard of Tasmania - there will be a few more after Dark Mofo) think our winters are dull; no snow, no Christmas.

“It took me some time to realize that I like our winters. I used to leave for at least a month in the middle of the year. So I don't know if Dark Mofo is an excuse for me to stay (that I don't need any more) or a reason others should come. If they come - when they come - they might well decide that Tasmanian winters are worthwhile also. And, perhaps, they'll convince the Tasmanian recalcitrants to leave their home fires, and be fired up by ours.”

If you've ever attended the summer festival run by Mona, Mona Foma you can expect something mind blowing for Dark Mofo.

Tickets go On sale Tuesday 23 April from
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