The True Celebration Of St Kilda Music - A Day By The Green #10

The True Celebration Of St Kilda Music - A Day By The Green #10

A Day By The Green is a uniquely St Kilda celebration of good music. This Saturday it is the tenth time this event is happening. Just for a few bucks, you can see some of the best bands performing around Melbourne. We wanted to know more here at The Dwarf. So we asked the lead guitarist and all round good guy, Rusty Teluk of Cold Harbour about the history and what to expect about this Saturday's A Day By The Green.

The True Celebration Of St Kilda Music - A Day By The Green #10

Greetings Rusty! Thank you for taking the time to speak to THE DWARF.

This Saturday at the St Kilda Bowls Club, affectionately known by the locals as "The Bowlo" is the tenth A DAY BY THE GREEN event. Tell me about how this celebration of St Kilda music started and how many times a year does it happen?

We (Cold Harbour) were becoming frustrated by the limited opportunities for local bands in the area, and that along with the inability of being able to score a spot on the St. Kilda festival led us to attempt our own day of music with like minded local artists. We'd only really thought about doing one, but the success of that first one and the support we received from musicians and music fans encouraged us to keep going, and hey, before you know it, we're at number ten! We present the day three times a year, and have finally learnt to avoid the colder months. We look like sticking to January, April and October. Footy can have winter!

Tell me about the lineup for this Saturday's event. When it starts, the price of admission and who is going to go off the most?

Doors open at 3pm, We tend to begin with an acoustic artist and this time around it's Vincent J Kramer, my fellow guitar slinger in Cold Harbour presenting a solo set. The Twoks are up next followed by Dead River. Then it's over to Dirty Harriet And The Hangmen and Jack Howard And The Long Lost Brothers. Next up we have the unique gypsy punk of Burn In Hell, followed by Chris Russell's Chicken Walk. Cold Harbour follow them and rounding out the night are The Ears and finally the legendary La Femme. It's $20 for ten great acts....and every one of them is going to go off, so get there early!

One thing about A DAY BY THE GREEN is that to me it has a true community spirit, sadly lacking in other events. The tribute to Shane Byrne and reprinting of his LALA LOVES YOU on the T-Shirts make this a uniquely St Kilda event. Tell me about Shane and the community spirit in St Kilda?

Shane was a great friend, a great musician and his passing deeply affected many of us. We've also lost quite a number of friends and musicians since we started, notably Shane Walsh, Fred T Farlowe and Steve Prictor. These friends played at one or more of our events and we want them and other members of the St. Kilda community who have passed to be remembered both for their friendship and the unique musical skills they brought to the table. We started off with mainly St. Kilda bands, but over the years have welcomed both musicians and fans from as far away as north of the Yarra! But we proudly call it a St. Kilda event. Many of us started playing at venues such as the Seaview Ballroom and the Prince of Wales and are proud of the cultural heritage of St. Kilda.

It like one big happy family attending these gigs and everyone comes along to catch up and enjoy the day. A DAY BY THE GREEN is one of the rare kid friendly music events around town but also dog friendly. In fact every A DAY BY THE GREEN that I have attended as had the local canine celebrity with his own Facebook page, George The Punk Poodle in attendance. Was this always the plan from the inception? Are there discounts for family who want to attend and do the rock dogs attending get a free snag from the BBQ?

We haven't actually conceived a family pass, but we do of course welcome children free of charge when attending with their parents. And the day simply wouldn't be the same without George The Punk Poodle....he's there to make sure everything runs smoothly....he runs a tight ship! And we'll have to speak to the BBQ folks about that!

I have been very lucky to have attended most of the past A DAY BY THE GREEN and I have personally seen some amazing set. At times, it's like reliving the height of the classic aussie punk movie 'DOGS IN SPACE' when you are standing two inches away from THE EARS, X, LITTLE MURDERS and this weekend, the favourite skinhead punk band of that era, LA FEMME performing. Do you guys have a wish list of classic aussie punk bands to any future events and who would they be?

We have somewhat of a wish list....we're always trying to incorporate classic old bands with new acts....but I'm not at liberty to say who we might try and get in the future....that would spoil the surprise! Of course it needs to be understood that in keeping it as cheap as possible places a limit on what we can pay acts. But yes, having said that we have had some all time cracking bands come onboard....we encourage the fun aspect and hope that each act that plays has fun and leaves with some new fans!

It has been great to see the cream of the crop of St Kilda bands play at past events from Bitter Sweet Kicks, Vice Grip Pussies, your band Cold Harbour and The Mercy Kills, as well as various incarnations of band featuring Melbourne Punk Legend, Fred Negro. Name one memorable highlight from the past A DAY BY THE GREEN that remained dear to your heart?

Boy....that's put the pressure on....I'd say the "drum-off" that we had at the first event after Shane Byrnes' I mentioned earlier that affected many of us, and the tribute to him with friends and family in the room was deeply moving....that's one moment I think that many of us will remember forever. It summed up why we do's about great music shared with family and friends.

But it's not just St Kilda bands on the bill. The last event had MESA COSA blowing everyone away. Ron Peno, valentiine, Bugdust have all been extremely impressive. Who has been your favourite band from across the river that has personally impressed you the most?

Yes we've had some great "imports" as well....Cold Harbour are huge fans and close friends with Bugdust, so it's been great having them, but Mesa Cosa really blew people's minds...I was very impressed with them! I'm also a huge fan of The Dukes of Deliciousness from Geelong...there are quite a few we'd like back....but there are also many, many great bands that we have yet to invite onboard. Hopefully we'll keep this rolling along for a few more years and showcase some more great acts!

Thank you Rusty and we at The Dwarf will be seeing you rockin' out this Saturday at The Bowlo.

Thanks to you Carbie and thanks to The Dwarf! See you on Saturday!

A Day By The Green Presented By Cold Harbour #10
St Kilda Bowls Club
66 Fitzroy St., Melbourne, VIC.

St.Kilda's own day of live music returns in another feast for discerning music fans !
Ten bands for only $20...Doors Open @ 3 pm.

La Femme 11.00-LATE (original line-up)
The Ears 10.10-10.40
Cold Harbour 9.20- 9.50
Chris Russell's Chicken Walk 8.30-9.00
Burn In Hell 7.40-8.10
Jack Howard & The Long Lost Brothers 6.50-7.20
Dirty Harriet and the Hangmen 6.00-6.30
Dead River 5.10-5.40
The Twoks 4.20-4.50
Vincent J Kramer 3.30 - 4.00

Check out some of the acts performing this Saturday!

La Femme

The Ears

Chris Russell's Chicken Walk

The Twoks

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