Bluefest Director Announces New Boomerang Festival Will Launch This October

Bluesfest Director Announces New Boomerang Festival Will Launch This October

If Australians weren’t already spoilt for choice on the festival-front, we are now after the Director of the Byron Bay Bluesfest, Peter Noble, yesterday announced the brand new Boomerang festival will kick off at the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm site this October.

The inaugural event will be a mutli-art global indigenous cultures festival that will capture the essence of the social and spiritual lives of Australia’s First peoples.

Festival goers shall get the chance to experience different cultures through both traditional and contemporary music, take a look at some of the world’s oldest instruments, dances and rituals, as well as participate in music workshops.

To celebrate the new event, Bluefest audiences were treated to a special showcase performance by Christine Anu, Leah Flanagan, Thelma Plum, Tjupurru and Airileke.

The inaugural three day Boomerang Festival, which will be directed by Rhoda Roberts, will cost an estimated $1.2 million to stage, paid for mostly by Bluesfest owner Peter Noble who will also host the festival on the Bluesfest site, which he owns.

Speaking to about his pride in helping launch this festival, Noble said: “Through the healing of music, the rhythm of language and the power of dance, it’s time to have fun and gather as we recognise the similarities we all share.”

The festival will take place at the Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm from October Friday 4 to Sunday 6.

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