Get Ready To Have A One Night Stand In Dubbo, Courtesy Of Triple J

Here it is y'all. In news just at hand, courtesy of Tom & Alex, it can be announced that Dubbo, in central NSW, is the home of Triple J's 2013 One Night Stand.

Revealed via a phone call to Dubbo local Cody, Tom & Alex then spoke to Dubbo mayor Matthew Dickerson, who was so elated to be able to host the One Night Stand that he wrote a limerick confirming that the Zoo-laden regional hub will play host to the musical delights of Ball Park Music, Seth Sentry, Flume and The Rubens on Saturday April 13.

Now that the destination has been locked in its time to get out the navigational scrolls, memorise the star charts and talk amongst your peeps in order to find out whether you'll be road tripping to be amongst the revellers in this all ages, drug and alcohol free event. The concert will be held at the Dubbo Showgrounds, from 4:30 -10pm.

For all the logistics, FAQ's and lodging options head to the One Night Stand page on Triple J, and follow the links, or check out the Dubbo Tourism home page.

As previously mentioned, you'll be able to hear the whole show live on your radio from 10am, watch it live on ABC2 from 7pm, catch up on iView, check out the live backstage video online, follow all the pics / news / reviews on the triple j website or social medias. This is the future people.

The only thing left to be announced now is the local Unearthed act who will be kickstarting the whole affair, but i'll be keeping my ear to the ground for you in order to find that out ASAP... or possibly tracking buffalo.

Now let's turn to one of the musical luminaries who will performing at this shindig, and find out his advice on accommodation arrangements -

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