The Damned Australian Tour, January 2012

Celebrating 35 years of living dead, UK gothic punk rockers, The Damned, will be returning to Australia in January 2012 with one mission in mind: to wreak anarchy, chaos and destruction across the nation.


Over the past 10 years, the band has undertaken a touring schedule that younger bands would probably wet their designer jeans at. Taking in virtually every territory in the world, the Damned embarked on a seemingly never ending mission to affirm to old fans and their offspring that this band was growing old disgracefully. This included a legendary performance in 2003, headlining the Avalon stage at Glastonbury, where the Damned caused a near riot with the amount of people sloping away from main stage headliners R.E.M to catch what many quoted as the best performance of the festival - hands down.


35 years on, it's safe to say that the rush of witnessing a Damned live show is still comparable to that first buzz of energy released at some long forgotten sweat box of youth. Combining full-on rock energy, a stylish sense of performance, and humorous deadpan cool, this is the real Damned deal.


The Damned are dead. Long live The Damned.




Thursday 19 January - The Hi Fi, BRISBANE Friday 20 January - Billboard, MELBOURNE Saturday 21 January - Metro Theatre, SYDNEY Sunday 22 January - The Capitol, PERTH


Tickets on sale Friday 21 October via: www.selecttouring.com.au

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