The Meanies

Tonight’s gig was a momentous one for punk stalwarts The Meanies, celebrating 25 years of chaos, mayhem, and pure punk rock. For the past quarter century The Meanies have been obliterating audiences and from tonight’s effort they are showing no signs of letting up.

Chaos merchants Clowns, with their relentless energy and manic stage presence are astounding. Lead singer Stevie throws himself around the stage and under the drum riser with no care for personal injury like any good punk singer should do. They blasted through their 45 minute set like a bolt of lighting, the crowd loved every minute of it and were just as manic in the pit as the band were on stage.

Batpiss have been slaughtering our scene for a couple of years now, every time there is an extra element to their sound that this reviewer had not picked up on before. they are lot different to your average hard core band, they have a lot of textured grooves with an underlying element of melody. These guys are becoming one of the bigger bands on the underground scene with unrelenting touring and dedication to destroying audiences.

The Meanies rocked up on stage with no antics and got stuck into business, cracking open their set with the blistering "Never" from the album Come n See. Link Meanie has a reputation for destroying the stage as well as himself, hence the fact he was in moon boot for a fractured foot tonight. Many would think a bung foot would have slowed him down a bit, many would be wrong. When Link is full flight no one comes close. He throws himself with abandonment and disregard for his surroundings.

The band gave the crowd everything they wanted and pumped out every well know song they could, tearing up crowd favourites "Conan", "Sorry 'bout the Violence", "Scum" and their one and only (sort of) hit "10% Weird". They played a new song but they didn't announce the name of it, all the band gave away was that it was from an upcoming album to be released next year.

Twenty five years on and The Meanies are still at the top of their game. Heroes to so many kids and influential to so many bands, after tonight’s gig it goes to prove that just because punks get old it doesn't mean they lose their energy, it just means the fire in their guts gets stoked even harder.

Happy 25th birthday to all the Meanies, thanks for the violence and the mayhem.
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