The Butterfly Effect Back In Perth

New Leading Man Paul Galagher

Butters is back baby! Walking into The Rosemount Perth, there was a sense of warmth, excitement and openness to welcome Brissy prog rockers The Butterfly Effect, with their new leading man Paul Galagher.

Perth trio prog-masters OPIA warmed up the evening, and despite their name having a reference to short-sightedness their performance was far from it. Opening with ‘Nomadson’ it was clear from the beginning the crowd loved them, all through to ‘Recharge’ and a few new tracks due to be released off their upcoming debut album. With leading man Mike’s poetic voice that takes you on a journey, bassist Dan’s hypnotic hooks and drummer Ryan’s high calibre plethora of beats together making it all seem effortless, the guys of OPIA are certainly ones to keep an eye on in the talented progressive Perth music scene.

Melbourne’s Sleep Parade took to the stage with sophisticated compelling melodies and a harmonious balance of heavy to progressive rock grooves with track favorites ‘Dancing With The Enemy’, ‘Mirrors’ and ‘2:09’ from the album Inside/Out. The guys were certainly awake and welcoming, with the crowds feedback responding just the same, passionate screams filled The Rosemount and all eyes were certainly on drummer Dan Teng’s incredible eclectic abilities.

The Butterfly Effect came on stage with a flutter filling the air and the anticipation to hear the new leading man Paul Galagher. Without even a moment, they exploded on stage with old-school Butters magic ‘Filling Silence’, which naturally evolved into ‘One Second Of Insanity’.

From the second track of the evening two things were very clear, one, you could almost hear the gasp of awe-inspiring welcoming surprise when Paul’s voice blasted the high notes and two, Butters was back! The night was clearly a showcase of Paul’s incredible voice nailing every note with perfection, as well as putting his own little piece of magic into each storytelling breathe.

An array of The Butterfly Effect’s much loved old-school and new were out to play for the evening with ‘Window And The Watcher’, ‘Perception Twin’, ‘Reach’, ‘Gone’ and so many more. The techniques, vibe and sounds that naturally flow from the guys through the hypnotized loop dominating bass hooks, sensational exploding guitar, mind-blowing beats that seem subtle at first listen to only grasp at you with the real complexity and talent required to master the signature sounds of Butters we all know and yet still have the ability to sound fresh, it was easy to see why the crowd was rockin-out like no tomorrow!

Once the crowd was introduced and responded rockingly to the new tracks of The Butterfly Effect, the night ended all too soon with a ‘...that’s fucking great, thank you very much!’ from the guys, after an almighty sing-a-long from the closers and clear favorites ‘A Slow Descent’ and ‘Crave’. Instead of an encore, the humble guys from Brissy invited all to come say hello and have a bit of a chat, since it has been too long since their last visit in Perth, which was received well.

The evening re-solidified The Butterfly Effect as the progressive rock quartet that are certainly on the rise, with astounding raw stage performance of both guitarist Kurt Goedhart and bass guitarist Glenn Esmond trading places to almost jump in the crowd instrument-n-all, and Ben Hall’s drumming that can seriously knock anyone into a rock-demoniam! The night highlighted Perth’s love affair with the prog-rocking gurus The Butterfly Effect!

There was a definite buzz filling The Rosemount, of Paul’s mind-blowing performance, and for the return of The Butterfly Effect, as well as a high anticipation the forthcoming album.

Looking forward to the new journey with Butters!
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