Tenacious D

Tenacious D

Tenacious D once declared that they were the "greatest rock band on earth" and as I rushed to the packed venue, it was one of the first things I pondered.

As I took my seat, the lights dimmed, rapturous applause greeted the iconic Jack Black and Kyle Gass, and the Mighty D kicked into their first song 'Rise of the Fenix'.

Throughout the concert, the two rocked out armed only with acoustic guitars and Black's amazing voice, that hits every note without looking like he is trying. The band treats us to Sasquatch cameos, small comedic skits and dedications to their roadies, as well as infectious crowd singalongs for the next hour and a half.

Highlights of the night include, 'Dude (I Totally Miss You' which the audience rewards with a almost touching display of lighters in the air. The almost religious singalong to 'Tribute' brings the crowd to a new level of nuts.

The band leaves, before they return for an encore finishing the night off with a dedication to the ladies on the behest of the men (Jack Black's words not mine). Ending the set with the romantic ballad 'Fuck Her Gently', the crowd sings every single word.

So to answer the question, is the band the greatest on earth? Well, I certainly don't think so, but they're certainly one of the most fun. Hopefully the next time they return they bring the rest of the band with them, so that they can blow our minds one more time! Worship the Mighty D!
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