Tame Impala

Tame Impala

with Midnight juggernauts

Tame Impala, ahh, [b]Tame Impala[/b! How far you've come as a band in such a short space of time. Gone are the days of being just messenger boys for Kevin Parker’s perfectly written songs; here, now, you shower your crowd with an aura of professionalism as you lead us through your ever-psychedelic haze of melody.

Truly, Tame Impala's show at the Hordern Pavilion was an astounding gig. The boys know how to rock. They know how to draw you in and take possession of your music loving mind for a full ninety minutes. They know how to make some scrappy psychedelic visuals feel like they're taking you on a consciousness-expanding, mind blowing, experimental odyssey like you’ve never felt before. It’s a ride that you come out the other side of feeling just that little bit more enlightened and happy to be alive.

[b]Midnight Juggernauts[/b] opened the evening of entertainment but unfortunately were lackluster and unpolished. Although they 'fessed up to not having played in a while, it's hard to believe that their live performances ever quite reach the heights that their recorded work does. Some bands are good live. Others are better in the studio. Midnight Juggernaughts seem to be the latter. Still, they're working on new tracks and according to the band, they aren't too far off being released. Fingers crossed that it's as goods as their recordings on ‘Into the Galaxy’ and ‘Shadows’.

Back to the night's intergalactic space craft, Tame Impala opened their set with ‘Apocalypse Dreams’. Its insistent drumming had the crowd jumping and singing along. We all hoped that it was a sign of what might come: a night fueled by Tame's outstanding sophomore record, [i]Lonerism[/i], and tracks from their debut LP [i]Innerspeaker[/i] thrown in the mix. Tame Impala delivered. Fans old and new were made one, as the band entranced us with their psychedelic sounds.

For a brief moment, ‘Elephants’ big riffs broke the spell, as they came blaring out of the amps all too harshly, creating distortion of an unwanted kind, but relief was nigh, and and the ear-piercing noisy mess had dissipated by the next track.

The boys finished their set with ‘Glass Half Full of Wine’, and each of them rocked it. Each of the five piece proved their musical prowess with this song, just as they had done over the entire show. Full credit to each and everyone of them.

After a moment off stage, they quickly returned, smiling with appreciation for the racket the crowd was making to get them back for an encore. Smashing out one last hit - ‘Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control’ - Tame Impala wrapped up the night's epic journey of sound.

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