Splendour in the Grass 2013

Day 2

Although the muddy mess of Day 1 had cleared somewhat thanks to a few tonnes of woodchips, Day 2 at Splendour was still gumboot city, and the talk was STILL all about the mud. Mud this. Mud that. The mud talk seems to have even taken over mention about Frank Ocean going MIA. Thankfully, the focus didn't take long to shift to the music, and boy, were there some delights on the way for punters.

With the likes of The National, Something for Kate, Birds of Tokyo, Empire of the Sun, Sarah Blasko, Whitley, Cloud Control, Bernard Fanning, MS MR, Alison Wonderland, Jake Bugg, Palma Violets and Cold War Kids on the menu, there was something to whet everyone's appetite.

The Dwarf's Sally Coates shares her highlights for the day:

1. Live Splendour Feed
Weary campers got to spend their morning using their car radios to listen to the live Splendour feed from the campground. Perfect for those who'd had a little too much fun on Day 1, and were in recovery mode.

2. Something for Kate
A super chilled set from the almighty Something for Kate, accommodating rockers up the front and sleepy Splendourites seeking a bed amongst the wood chips up back. (Yep, those woodchips were to cover up the mud. Mud, mud, mud).

3. Chet Faker
Chet Faker not only smashed out an amazing set, but returned later to play 'Left Alone' with Flume, busting out some amazingly flawless amd big non-Chet Fakeresque vocals, surprising the whole crowd.

4. The Chilli Brothers
The Chilli Brothers Mexican tent for their rockin nachos and cultured DJ playing mainly Jamaican beats and Spanish versions of Shakira songs. My hips don't lie. (See what I did there?)

5. Birds of Tokyo
The mutual love between the Birds of Tokyo (BOT) boys and their crowd, with the front man often both seemingly taken aback and energised by the Splendour mob. A special experience for everyone. Also absolutely flawless vocals, blasts from the past with silhouette and wayside and campfire worthy singalongs to 'Plans' and 'Lanterns'.

6. Frank Ocean.. again
Frank Ocean gets another mention despite his absence, with the BOT boys playing a quick improvised 'Lost' tribute to the ill Ocean, saying 'its just such a fucking good song!'

7. Empire of the Sun
Empire of the Sun nailed their unique performance, living up to all their crazy expectations and wowing the Aussie crowd with one of their first live performances of their new stuff, particularly Alive which the boys finished on, leaving the crowd feeling much the same.

8. Teepee Forest
The Teepee Forest was an absolute wonderland, made for a special eccentric type of person who like things like string hanging from the roof, repetitive doof music and psychedelic lights. Well received indeed!

9. Alison Wonderland
Alison Wonderland makes the list for being smoking hot and making every girl in the audience want and need to buy an oversized Adidas shirt cause she just made it look so damn good. Not to underplay her set though, including a Lion King remix which hit the appropriately aged crowd right in the childhood in a crazy good way.

10. Flume
Living up to his mammoth and well deserved reputation is Flume. Who opened at the same stage last year he closed this year. The massive tent did not even come close to containing his fans whose minds seemed to be controlled by the talented youngster, who were feeling somewhat insane screaming out to track, 'Insane', and being infected with instant swagger during 'On Top'.
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