Something For Kate

I knew it was going to be a big night at the Republic Bar because the bartender gave me my beer in a plastic cup and they only do that for the big gigs.

The venue was sold out and even just as the support act had started it was already hard to move around the bar; this was a warm place to spend a winter's night in Hobart.

First up was Courtney Barnett. The last time I had seen her play was 2008 when she had been strumming acoustic guitar and developing her style. Now, four years later, she's really found her groove, comfortable with the blues and 60's rock style and earning acclaim for her song writing skills. Courtney smiled through her whole set, no doubt happy to be in her old hometown and the crowd were also pleased to see her too.

Spotted in the crowd was Jen Cloher, Courtney's once mentor and now collaborator, no doubt proud to see how far she's come in just a few years.

Die hard 30-something fans filled the bar. Not every band has fans like the two heavily pregnant ladies I met at the back of the bar. For any other gig these ladies would have stayed at home but were out tonight to catch the rare opportunity of seeing Something for Kate in Hobart.

Something For Kate treated the crowd with 19 songs made up of most of their latest album with at least one song from each of their previous albums. The crowd sang along to all of their hits, and fitting rendition of Hunter's and Collectors 'When The River Runs Dry' (their contribution to a tribute album out soon). Paul also hit the high notes for a cover of Florence Welch's 'Sweet Nothing' in fine style.
It was great to see the band here again after a seven year break. This was the last gig of their national tour but they showed no sign of tiring - apart from Paul's inability to string words together in between songs but we understood him still. He finished with the final promise "see you next time". I look forward to it.
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