Seth Sentry

Seth Sentry

While much of Queensland was concerned about Cyclone Marcia, which caused havoc across the state this weekend, Seth Sentry fans were more worried by the possibility that the Run Tour launch might be postponed due to the extreme weather. But a rain, hail or shine, the shows went on, much to the excitement of Seth’s dedicated Sunny Coast followers, who packed out the Solbar on Saturday night.

The sold out show was opened by Perth emcee, Coin Banks, an artist on the rise in the Australian hip hop scene, after supporting other popular Aussie artists such as Illy, 360 and now, Seth Sentry, on their recent tours.

Next up, Citizen Kay showed that stage who’s boss! After his highly energetic performance, one concert goer was heard comparing Citizens Kay and his dance moves to a young Michael Jackson! What a compliment!

Seth Sentry

DJ Sizzle, well dressed-as usual, took his place in front of the decks, as the crowd impatiently began to chant Seth’s name. In the lead up to the show, many fans posted on the Seth Sentry Facebook page asking if his new album would be released before the tour kicked off; most of them wanting the chance to memorise any new material he might use in his performance. But when Seth casually stepped onto the stage, the crowd were comforted by well known and much loved songs, such as, 'Float Away', 'The Waitress song', and of course, 'Dear Science’ - because no Seth Sentry appearance would be complete without a hover-board mention!

Talking to the crowd between songs, Seth drew an imaginary line through the centre of the audience. Referring to the stereotypes in the ’scenes' he wrote about in his song, ‘My Scene’, he described one half of the room: “Everyone one on this side of the room, you guys can be the tree huggers, the dope smoking hippies.” Then pointing to the other side of the room, he said, “You guys are the drunk dudes in business shirts, cheating on your wives and counting your money.” His words trailed into song, his fans sang along to every word, proving 'My Scene’, to be a trusted crowd favourite.

Seth concluded the night with a freestyle. Here is his closing line:

“You know, inside that flask was just red cordial…it was really strong!

But thanks for coming out, thanks so much for bringing it along.

Thats how I do it, not like MC’s in denial…

'Cause these days... ain’t no fucking rappers that can freestyle!”

Seth has since given a shout out online to, ‘the dude who smuggled in a hip flash and gave him a swig!” That friendly attitude has won Seth many loyal fans. He displayed this quality again on Saturday night, when a vinyl copy of his old album was shoved in his face by a fan, and Seth happily signed that thing - mid performance!

Seth Sentry

With no date set for the release of his next album, Seth has been criticised by some for being slow, but his ability to write witty, relate-able lyrics and catchy rap-melodies cannot be argued. So when we do finally get our hands on a copy of the next Seth Sentry album, we can be sure to discover an entire collection of new faves!

Seth Sentry
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