Seth Sentry

Seth Sentry

Metropolis was bursting at the seams - the hot, exuberant crowd throwing off the shackles of another work week - psyched to celebrate their Friday night with Seth Sentry, the Aussie hip hop wunderkind...the darling of Triple J...king of the hoverboard...the man who made waitress-perving an art form. The years since the release of Seth's very successful 2012 debut album This Was Tomorrow have had his adoring fans champing at the bit, wondering when the next album was happening. The question was answered last December with the release of the single 'Run' and the announcement of a national tour ahead of the anticipated release of the next album in the first half of 2015.

The night kicked off with local hip hop artist, Coin Banks (who recently took out the WAM Song award of the year in the Urban/Hip Hop category for 'Someone') taking on the unenviable task of holding the crowd at bay til Seth could make his appearance. Coin perhaps showed the effects of being near the tail end of the tour - his energy levels seemed to vary through the set, occasionally seeming a tad ragged but he was a trooper and engaged the crowd well, ultimately rising above the slight glitches.

Banks' set gave way to Canberra-based Citizen Kay who immediately energised the crowd with, among others, songs from his mini-LP Demokracy. CK's effervescent stage persona, huge smile and full commitment to his craft had us feeling great and well primed for Seth.

CK's set almost seemed too short given what felt like an interminable wait for Seth - every flicker of stage lights, pause in the music or movement at the side of the stage triggered renewed howls for "Seth Seth Seth" to come work his magic.

And give us hip hop magic he did. Bursting on to the stage, Seth kicked off with 'Vacation' and Metro's exploded with light and the sheer force of Seth's larrikin personality. The crowd loved him, giving back as much as Seth threw at them and the to and fro synchronicity continued throughout the night, intensifying with crowd favourites 'My Scene', 'Simple Game', 'Dear Science' and of course the aforementioned 'Waitress song', with the crowd singing along, word perfect and with gusto.

Another notable highlight was Seth's genius cover of Frenzal Rhomb's 'Punch in the Face', previously performed on Triple J's Like a Version. He has made the song his own.

Seth's partner in crime, DJ Sizzle was a sparkling, charismatic adjunct to the act, excelling himself with his second crowd surf - propelled over the sea of arms to the bar and back to the stage, a cold one held aloft, seemingly not a drop spilled. He and Seth worked brilliantly together - feeding off each other with good natured banter and mutual respect.

Given that this was Seth's second last date of his whistle-stop 12 date tour, his level of energy was more what I'd have expected from the first day of the tour - he was that good! Seth appears to be a genuinely humble, likeable bloke, well in touch with his roots and more than happy to share the limelight with his fans. I can as easily imagine him at home in front of a 20,000 strong festival crowd as I can in the local, kicking back with his mates. There is no doubt the man will be welcomed back with open arms, any time he returns to Western Australia.
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