Owl Eyes

with Mammals and Collarbones

From: Melbourne, Victoria
Sounds Like: Bat for Lashes, Kimbra
Performs Like: Glinda the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz

Every single member of the crowd had one thought watching Owl Eyes perform: Marry Me. If you don’t already love her, you definitely will after seeing her live. Her synth pop melodies captivate the audience- male, female, old and young alike- there is no denying the blissful effect of Owl Eyes. She won many hearts this night and I am sure she will continue to win many more by her tour’s end.

The twenty-two year old singer songwriter is as beautiful in real life as in any photograph. Her performance with full band at the Republic Bar is the first of her two night run, the centre shows of her debut album tour which ends June 1st in Melbourne. After teasing for years with quality EP’s such as Faces, Raiders and Crystalised, she finally released Nightswim featuring 11 songs of mellow synthpop.

Watching Owl Eyes perform is to witness a classy and professional lass. Crooning her sprawling synthpop songs with cheeky, endearing and powerful personality, her vocals are faultless; eerily perfect and wide ranging. She connects with her songs, projecting their peak moments into slow, sensual movements with her body. The crowd shouts ‘I love you!’ and she giggles before repeating the sentiment, with a wide grin, self conscious. Yet she easily banters with the crowd when some technical issues for the drummer arise, placing her firmly in the ‘definitely not a douche’ category. Wrapping up her hour long set, it didn’t take much chanting by the crowd to bring her back, finishing with the preplanned encore of ‘Closure’ and ‘Raiders’. Afterwards, she spent time at the merch stand signing autographs. I would be curious to know how many marriage proposals she had to reject in that time.

Watching her confidence and ease of self on stage, it dawned on me that I had never felt such a sensual vibe in this usually rowdy pub. Instead of giggling teenagers it was tall, burly men standing in the front row; arms outstretched with some even lucky to score a high five from Owl Eyes. The audience standout was a muscle bound, v neck tshirt wearing guy, dancing and swaying with such a look of utter excitement and bliss. To sum up, ladies and gentlemen, I present my hypothesis I call the Owl Eyes affect: the ability to cause Australian men to actually dance.

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