Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady

with Laura Imbruglia, Melanie Horsnell and Red Ghost

The Once, Twice Three Times a Lady tour comprised of Laura Imbruglia, Melanie Horsnell and Red Ghost. On Friday night, the tour bus made a stop to the Hopetoun Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney. All three are acoustic solo artists that manage to pack a lot of punch. Imbruglia continues on her quiet pilgrimage around the touring circuit and both Melanie Horsnell and boast fairly impressive cirriculum vitaes to boast of. As an ensemble there couldn't have been a better line-up.


One of the first things that one was able to recognise in opening act, Red Ghost, is that the girl is riddled with talent. Fresh from recording with hip hop act, Muph and Plutonic, this Red Ghost is certainly not invisible. As she hopped up onto the stage to face the gathering crowd, I thought she showed a lot of potential during her set, it just didn't come across as impressively as it could have. I don't know whether she was up for the challenge of a slightly prolonged set..."Shit i dunno what to do now and there's like 45 minutes to go," she said at one point before launching into a cover of the Kings of Leon (a Christian rock acoustic cover...? You be the judge) Sore fingers that came with doing the whole repertoire acoustic style took their toll. But she has quietly gathered herself a large fanbase, and I think that with more experience, Red Ghost will rock the Casbah.


"Your gig at the hoey brought an army of joy to my heart and a tidal wave of smiles to my face" wrote one ardent fan of Melanie Horsnell's set on her myspace page. While my cold, black heart wasn't necessarily filled with joy, I did at least find a new musical best friend in Horsnell. The crowd was really charged by her performance; her songs were performed with vigor and raw enthusiasm which was really reflected in the atmosphere she managed to create. I still can't get that song, "I Just Want Some" out of my head, once it lodged itself in there, it remained all weekend until I felt compelled to go out and get her new album, The Adventures Of... She's come a long way from the ten-year-old girl playing on the shores of Manly beach, as she was once wont to do…


So the stage was set for Laura Imbruglia to come up and conclude the night's proceedings. She brought her wealth of live experience to the stage, firstly by paying homage to her longstanding fans and rolling out some of her classics in the repertoire. But also in her fun new tracks, such as "The Magical Washing Machine" combined to make a fantastic night out. All I can say is I don't know what she was smoking that night either, but now I want my own magical washinbg machine that doubles as a jukebox, as I'm sure, did everyone else upon conclusion of the fun little number…


As a naff little conclusion, the girls returned, en masse, to the stage and performed a Four Non Blondes song on a whim. It sure earned my vote…and really drove home that the girls, although playing separate sets, really collaborated as a whole, which seemed to work so well for the gig.



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