Midnight Juggernauts At The Amplifier Bar Perth

Uncanny Valley - Australian Album Launch Tour

Indie progressive-psychedelic electronic trio Midnight Juggernauts launched their latest release and third album Uncanny Valley last night September 7 at the Amplifier Bar Perth, with support acts Usurper of Modern Medicine and Facinator.

The gig commenced with Facinator and Usurper of Modern Medicine, but running between two gigs for the evening the possibility of catching support slots was a tad slim. But on arrival, scoping out the consensus amongst Midnight Juggernaut fans was first on the agenda.

The result, Facinator was clearly not fascinating. Most didn’t even know that there was a third act before Usurper of Modern Medicine who introduced the headliners. Sophie D a patron who makes a regular visit to Amps said: “I was at the outside bar, and I didn’t even hear that a band was playing. Usually you can hear something to entice you to take a peek at what’s on stage.” Oh dear! This was not anticipated for the act that once supported Tame Impala on their North American Tour.

Next up, electronic rockers Usurper of Modern Medicine who drew a small crowd grooving around the periphery of Amps. Many poked their heads in the entrance, tentatively observing to which frontman Steven Aaron Hughes beckoned: “You don’t have to be so far away - don’t be afraid - come in, come in... Yes!” as the crowd doubled in size by the end of the first track. The unique melancholy grooves, energetic hooks and sci-fi synth influences the listener to drift with the melodies.

Midnight Juggernauts opened the show with 'Melodiya', a delicate mellow beginning that transitioned nicely into the bass heavy grooves of 'Shadows'. The crowd was alive and jumping by the third track 'Memorium', with cheers and “Yeeeiws!" being thrown across Amps.

Amps became the places it is known for, when the opening bars and riffs were played to the crowds clear favourites ‘Ballad Of The War Machine’ and ‘Galaxy.’ Amps was alive and amped!

The evening ended with the good vibes of Vital Signs, with the crowd hypnotized by the drum solo. The guys just simply walked off stage with no farewells, but the crowd cheered and made enough ruckus to encourage Midnight Juggernauts explosive encore with 'HCL' and '45+ Rising' demonstrating their unique other-worldy style of a top-class eclectic collective. Frontman Andrew Juggernaut (Szekerez) called out: “Anyone who would like to come and stage and dance...” before he even finished the fans piled on the stage for their less then 5-minutes of glory to say ‘I was on stage once with Midnight Juggernauts.’ Good times!

Leaving Amps, it was clear the crowd loved the extend solos and riffs, completely amped and primed to dancing the remainder of the evening away.

If you haven’t already feasted your eyes and ears upon Midnight Juggernauts, then grab a ticket now! Their unique sound and alive stage presence makes it all to easy to become a fan and groove with them.
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