Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

If you haven't heard of Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell, you soon will. These two Gold Coast youngsters have stormed onto the Australian music scene in an unexpected whirlwind. And they already have the support of some of the most respected talent in the industry! From collaborations with Lorde to performing with 360 and chill sessions with Matt Corby, Lane-Harry and Ike Campbell have an ever growing list of friends in the fame game. It's common knowledge that to be successful you should surround yourself with people you would like to emulate, and this dynamic duo are doing just that!

The launch of Renaissance, their latest album, dished out by Human Records; was held at the Soundlounge in Currumbin, on the Gold Coast.

Jesswah, who has featured on a number of tracks with Lane and Ike, was the opening act for the night. Her blunt honesty about her drug taking escapades makes her relate-able. Her raw, yet tight flow and moody melodies will turn her songs into hits. And the fact that she is female will make her stand out from the crowd in the very male-dominated genre of rap music.

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell hit the stage with an air of confidence, very surprising from a couple of dudes who are only just about to hit their twenties. And such self-assurance is a quality, that is essential in order to survive the onslaught of negativity that fame can bring. Thier lyrics are cocky, political, sexually charged and emotive; unlike anything Australia has ever heard. The tempo is much too uplifting to sit still, yet the vibe somewhat mellow, making Renaissance the perfect hip hop album for any occasion.

Talent naturally oozes out of these teenagers, you can hear it in their witty lyrics and slick production, and you can see it in their stage presence and energetic performance. Causally owning their positions on the stage and looking like they have been at this for years, they've got that being 'a professional' thing, down pat.

Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell

Tracks from the album such as 'Anarchy', 'No More' and 'Alpha Omega' are evident audience pleasers. It was only the launch of the album, and already people knew the words and were singing along.

The last few days have been busy for Lane-Harry and Ike Campbell, they opened the Brisbane leg of Tech N9ne's Australian Tour and launched Renaissance all in the same week!

At the rate this pair are rising, stardom is inevitable.

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