Dead Letter Circus

The Catalyst Fire Tour

A buzz filled the air knowing Dead Letter Circus were on the agenda for the evening, in support of their latest and highly successful release The Catalyst Fire, and sure enough the Brisbane prog-rockers were on fire and certainly fit the bill!

Sleep Parade opened the evening and from the vibe of the crowd it seemed all were awake and far from sleepy. Melbourne’s prog-rockers Closure In Moscow were next up before the headliners, playing what lead singer Mansur Zennelli called ‘jazzy fresh.’ The lingering melodies and quirky hooks and attire of lead singer Mansur Zennelli in floral board-shorts made one hell of an entertaining performance. An audience member was even dubbed as a ‘party-pooper’ amongst the mass fans responding with sing-a-longs and screams. The track ‘Happy Days’ was certainly a winner with an exuberance of energy and a plethora of guitar works.

Dead Letter Circus came out in full-force with ‘The Cure’ from their latest album The Catalyst Fire. The guys were on fire with frontman Kim Benzie’s reflectively poetic voice, hypnotizing heavy bass, synths and prolonged electronic morphed hooks highlighting the bands successful venture into new sounds and technique, raising the bar with each release and performance. The backdrop was a stellar light show with a generic black screen that lit up to animated burning flames or associated animation supporting the tracks well.

The stage presence was undeniable and the ladies certainly received a pleasurable eye-full from Kim’s rockingly ripped body. With each track the crowd went from decent to incredibly ‘going-off’ with crowd surfers taking their role passionately.

An array of old to new tracks featured the evening with ‘Reaction,’ ‘Alone Awake,’ ‘Space On The Wall,’ ‘Say Your Prayers’ and the forever favorite ‘Cage.’ We were even graced with the track ‘Wake Up’ which Kim mentioned didn’t originally fit either of their albums. Every track was flawlessly filled with Kim’s chilling unique vocals, showing the skill of a smooth transition from a head to chest vocals delivering the purely poetic reflective essence of each track.

The night ended on a killer buzz with a three track encore after DLC returns to stage and Kim ‘cheers’ the crowd making the dedication to all that made their first ever gig at The Rosemount, featuring ‘Here We Divide,’ ‘Lines’ and the clear crowd favorite ‘Next In Line,’ leading into an almighty sing-a-long. The humble guys from Brissy thanked the crowd profusely, highlighting sing-a-longs are one of the best things to experience as a band which led into a metal-passion of screams that filled Metro’s Fremantle.

With the house lights turned-out and the sound of DLC officially done for the evening, all had a lost look on their faces at the idea the night was over far too quickly. It’s quite easy to spot how Dead Letter Circus are seen as one of the best progressive rock acts to come out of Australia and hold a high level of intrigue and respect amongst prog rockers and fans.

The night solidified Perth’s love for Dead Letter Circus with the guys promising a return for next year. Looking forward to it guys!
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