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Because We Can world tour

Bon Jovi kicked off their national Australian tour on Saturday 7 December 2013 at Melbourne’s Etihad stadium.

The #1 record breaking “Because We Can” world tour commenced in February this year, and has travelled to the US, UK, Europe, and Japan, before making its way to our shores.

Special guest Kid Rock is joining Bon Jovi on his first ever tour in Australia, opening up the show with his unique brand of country rock and bad boy antics. The self-proclaimed redneck from Detroit sported his signature long hair, fedora hat and cool shades, as he sung ‘It Feels Good to Me’ and ‘Never Met a Mother F***** Like Me’ while running amok on stage.

The unapologetically cocky performer had a strong stage presence and some memorable catchy songs like ‘Cowboy’ and that very familiar tune ‘All Summer Long’. He goofed off and he slapped on his ‘American badass’ trucker cap as his alter ego - DJ Bobby Shazam, jumped onto the decks to mix and scratch some discs while smoking a few cigars and pouring himself some Jim Beam.

Kid Rock and The Twisted Brown Trucker Band also gave a heartfelt tribute to the late Nelson Mandela with his classic-rock number "Born free".

The backdrop was set for global rock royalty Bon Jovi, as the impressive ‘SOFIA’ - the 1959 Blue Buick Electra 225 inspired stage-build started its engine for the super group to begin. The stadium lights dimmed as the Buick’s headlights switched on and they opened with a new track ‘That’s What the Water Made Me’ from their recently released twelfth studio album ‘What About Now’.

2013 marks the band’s 30th year anniversary since Bon Jovi formed and it was clear that these world-class professionals are true born entertainers that live and breathe rock and roll with every fibre of their being.

They took the audience on a musical journey as they hit the gas without the breaks, across a lost highway and performed as many of their greatest hits that they could fit into a two-and-a-half show.

From the 1984 debut hit ‘Runaway’ where it all began, to the latest single ‘Because We Can’ and everything in between, they powered through their catalogue of songs as they commanded the stadium-sized crowd.

There was no time for talking, just "squawking" as they revved the engine for their uplifting rock anthems including ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’, ‘Raise Your Hands’, ‘Have a Nice Day’ and ‘It’s My Life’ that saw energy levels skyrocket. Jon Bon Jovi worked the stage with his very animated lively moves and wooed fans with his perfect pearly whites.

They were just getting warmed up as they stuck a couple of quarters in the jukebox and got the party started with the upbeat feel good track “We Got It Goin’ On’ and got the maracas out for the optimistic 90’s hit ‘Keep the Faith’.

They slowed things down a bit for the deep and meaningful ‘(You Want To) Make a Memory’ and mid-tempo ‘Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars’, before charging the gears forward and taking a slightly different direction. They mixed ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ with a medley of fun cover songs including ‘Jumpin' Jack Flash’, ‘Great Balls of Fire’ and ‘Run Run Rudolph’ to celebrate the holiday season. The loud ‘Bad Medicine’ included a perfectly matched interlude of the Isley Brother’s anthem ‘Shout’ that called for choruses of audience participation.

The band left and said goodnight before changing outfits for a third time and returning for the very long encore. The engine revved up again for the final five songs including homage to their three-decade legacy as fans held up their mobile phones and spread a bit of light throughout the stadium.

After 26 songs, Bon Jovi finished on a high with their biggest hit of all, the 80’s classic ‘Living On a Prayer’. The show may have been over but they certainly still had plenty of gas in the tank and encouraged fans to come back for their second show in Melbourne on Sunday night. It’s no wonder these incredible performers have been named the #1 touring act in the world 3 times in the last 5 years with their “never say die” attitude and inspiring talent.

Bon Jovi continues their national tour around Australia throughout December and will finish in Brisbane on Tuesday 17 December.
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