S.O.S. Tour

Bluejuice brought their S.O.S. Tour to Melbourne’s The Corner Hotel for an energetic Friday night gig.

The Sydney four-piece have been a mainstay on the touring circuit for a long time now, even before their debut album Problems was released back in 2007. Despite the years rolling on, Bluejuice are just as high-octane, cheeky and enthusiastic as they were the first time I saw them play.

Wearing fluoro glow in the dark paint and playing under UV lights, something which has become a staple of their live shows over the past few years, the band kicked off with ‘Can’t Keep Up’, the first track off their most recent album, Company. An ironic song choice given the main thing it did was serve to prove that Jake, Stav and the gang certainly can keep up, and then some.

They followed it up with one of the best cuts from that album, ‘The Recession’ which prompted lots of jumping and sing-alongs. Then rewinding the clock back to 2007 and their breakout hit ‘Vitriol’ from Problems. The song was unsurprisingly met by a rapturous reception from the audience, and the band fed off it, making it the most energetic performance of the track I’ve ever seen them give.

A mid set cover of Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ was an unexpected yet extremely enjoyable highlight that showcased a versatility not usually associated with or demonstrated by Bluejuice. New single ‘S.O.S.’ of course got a run and was a focal point of the night, being met with a great response from The Corner crowd.

The band stated a few songs before the end of their set that they wouldn’t do an encore because they thought they were pointless. Something which I, and many gig goers would probably agree with. They boldly proclaimed “We’re gonna fuck you hard and finish!”

The final song of the evening was the compulsory and ever brilliant ‘Broken Leg’. It was delivered with aplomb and the audience went completely nuts, it serving as a brilliant end to a wonderful gig. Apart from ‘I Ain’t Telling The Truth’ and the previously mentioned songs, the set nearly exclusively featured songs from Company such as ‘Aspen, New York’, ‘Cheap Trix’, ‘Shock’ and the penultimate ‘Act Yr Age’.

Given that Company is the band’s most consistent work to date, I had no qualms with its prominence on the set list. Bluejuice are one of the best and most energetic live bands in the country and this gig proved exactly why that won’t be changing anytime soon.
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