Fleet Foxes

Some bands make it look too easy.


There are moments in a Fleet Foxes show where you have to remind yourself that all those scenic harmonies are coming from human voices and the rhythms only as steady as the hands of the six bearded heads bobbing in front of us on stage.


The band was as gracious and witty as the audience was enthusiastic, and The Palais was the perfect venue for the Foxes melodies.


Frontman Robin Pecknold's voice floated gracefully and softly on some tracks yet knocked us over in the fuller moments of others. Scenic harmonies and soaring bridges filled up the theater and hipsters nodded their heads alongside their parents.


But when it's all said and done, what surprises people about the Fleet Foxes is their humbility. After releasing two critically acclaimed records and developing a major international following, they still speak softly onstage. ­


The Fleet Foxes, it is plain to see, are epically talented.

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