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What an amazing night! The fine details have been lost in a haze of beautiful music, good friends, an amazing crowd and maybe a mojito or two, but I can tell you without a word of a lie it was one of the best nights out I have had in a long time.


The reason behind this celebration was the long awaited solo performance by one Mr J Mascis, who has also been known to front an American alt rock outfit that go by the name of Dinosaur Jr. After having the pleasure of experiencing the sounds of DJ a few years back when they hit up the Great Northern Hotel in Byron, there was no way I was going to miss a solo gig by J Mascis.


After 2011 saw the release of his acclaimed acoustic solo album, 'Several Shades of Why', J Mascis was kind enough to celebrate its release by coming down to Australia for a small run of mostly sold out solo shows along the east coast. And The Soundlounge at the Currumbin RSL on the Gold Coast was one of the lucky venues chosen to host one of his shows. Maybe he had heard about the amazing mojitos they make...


Gracing the stage in the role of support was the wonderful Mr Danny Widdicombe, and it was an absolute pleasure to see him back on stage. After an unfortunate little health scare (slight understatement) last year,which resulted in the cutting short of a trip to Berlin, the return of an unwanted former acquaintance and a lengthy hospital stay, it was so nice to see him back up on stage even if his trademark mo did get lost along the way.


Danny managed to charm the crowd with his quirky sense of humour and beautiful songs as he and his guitar warmed up the crowd ahead of the unassuming J Mascis.


The Soundlounge is one of my favourite venues on the coast. It's got an amazing laid back atmosphere. It's small and intimate, and whether you are lazing on the floor at the front, gracing one of the tables, or battling for floor space to get a glimpse of the band, it just has a really nice feel to it. They even have a courtesy bus if your lucky enough to live close by, and did I mention- the bar staff make a really nice Mojito.


It really was a battle for floor space too, if it wasn't a sell out it would have just been a few tickets off. The place was packed. With the mainly over 30 crowd of music lovers, it was like an old Palm Beach Playroom reunion. It was crowded, and the battle to get a glimpse of this bespectacled, unassuming troubadour as he calmly sat with his guitar and played the music he loves so much, was well fought out by us slightly shorter audience members.


We fought a good fight and managed to procure the back corner of one of the seats near the front, others were content just to be in the same room as the sweet sounds of J Mascis.


J just simply sat calmly on the stage, keeping the banter to a bare minimum, choosing to fill our time with music instead. There were songs from his solo collection, there may have been a Neil Young cover thrown in there as well, but as I said before the fine details are a little hazy. But I can tell you it was an amazing night- a beautiful night filled with beautiful music in one of my favourite venues.


Any time this great man tours, be it solo or with Dinosaur Jr, you really need to get yourself along to a gig. He is a bit of a legend- an unassuming, quiet legend of a musician more than worthy of your time and money. By the way, if you missed his guest spot on Spicks and Specks during the last Dinosaur Jr tour, you need to do a bit of search on YouTube.


And if you are on the coast, get yourself to a gig at The Soundlounge - did I mention they know how to make a pretty mean Mojito here?

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