Dropkick Murphys

with Lucero

I first shot the Dropkick Murphys back in 2009. It ranked as one of the first gigs I had ever shot and the photos were pretty much stamped with all sorts of newbieness! So much so, the gig that night was shot with my 450D as I didn't have the more fanciful gear at my disposal. You do what ya gotta do! Cut your teeth and learn from each and every experience! Well, that's what I keep telling myself!


I was a rookie. A total newbie – but I have fond memories of that night as it was a predictably crazy gig by both band and the rabid fans the Murphys seem to have accumulated over their career. Having said that, the gear might have improved since that night and a veritable feast of gigs since then has elevated me away from total novice, but I still feel there is along way to go as a photographer.


Tonight's gig was at the gorgeous Forum Theatre. I always enjoy this venue and it is almost always more enjoyable when you are there with your camera and photo pass slung over your neck.


Opening proceedings tonight were Memphis, TN band Lucero. Looking like your average service station attendants the band married their American Punk cum Texas Country infused stylings and put in a worthy set. I shot them for a few songs and then headed back out to grab a bite to eat at is was nearing 9pm and yours truly found himself in starvation mode. "This is gonna work out cool!", I thought to myself, as there was ample time between bands to get oneself nourished and sorted.


The time slowly creeped forward to 9.45 as the intro music kicked in. Boston's bad boys hit the stage with their usual cheeky punk rock swagger and as if on cue, the bodies came flying over in time to the band's raucous, kick ass tunes.


I can't help but smile every time I have seen these guys. They certainly are an incredibly fun band and always deliver the goods. As this was the band's final show for 2011, there was a sense or urgency in the air. The band commanded the stage with their usual aplomb and energy.


Fanfare for the common man? It's here! Right here on that stage, this is as blue collar as it gets and any band that can rock out with the best of them with a banjo, accordion, tin whistle and the like, sure as hell knows its craft.


Superb fun.

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