Foster The People

with Guineafowl

It could have been packed to the rafters, or maybe it was just the first ten rows of fans that made it feel so crowded. Either way last Wednesday's Foster The People, Splendour Side Show at The HiFi proved to be a stunning experience in more ways than one.


Nestled amongst the hoards of glamours at the foot of front man Mark Foster, the neo-psychedelic sounds of California filled venue well beyond capacity.


If bands were measured upon the attractiveness of their audience, well FOP would take it in spades. Every hipster night-spot in town was empty last Wednesday night as the good looking and the well fashioned transformed the HiFi into an episode of The OC.


Following Guineafowl's tremendously attended support, Foster attempted to converse with his fans; however the screams drowned his attempts leaving them with only their euphoric harmonies and Mark Pontius' captivating drums to sooth the throats.


Their debut album Torches is a warming, summer soundtrack made for one reason it seems, daydreaming. And with all the fuss that has surrounded their debut, we were not disappointed.


Making their way through the track listing and adding a heartfelt cover here and there, the show became more than just a one album publicity act.


Stand out tracks included the obvious Pumped Up Kicks, Waste and Houdini. However, this show was one of the few gems that made every track as appealing as the last.


With Sean Cimino going nuts on the synth, Isom Innis on the keyboard and Cubbie Fink completing the tightly bound sound of FOP; they did not put a foot, finger or fret wrong and played like seasoned pros.


Like a harmlessly funny, but mildly controversial sitcom/drama, FOP's brand of easy-on-the-ears and eyes, new wave psychedelia adequately quenches Melbourne's thirst for beautiful, alternative pop music.


With our addictive personalities and our ability to appropriate a look, a persona, a drink or a hairstyle to any new band; Melbournites should remain satisfied for a good few months before their anticipated second album.


Foster The People has got Melbourne by the balls. That's just the skinny of it. Enjoy in moderation.

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