with Shockone and Over Reactor

Since Karnivool had announced plans for only one tour this year, it was a given that we would see a packed house. HQ was filled wall to wall early, a shame considering the lack of quality in support acts that came before the headliner. Ezekial Ox's new band of the week, Over Reactor, opened the show, a group consisting of a drummer, Ox and a backing track supplying all of the music. I'm not sure if everyone is as sick of this guy as I am, but their out-dated, weak attempt at some sort of new age nu-metal made about as much sense as Ox's ramblings of recording like hip-hop artists and doing everything themselves (?) The opening set which seemed to drag on for far too long was followed by dub-step DJ Shockone, fitting since the show was in a club however the many rock fans in the crowd seemed to lack appreciation for the guy who did a really great job of putting CDs in a stereo and pressing play. A word of advice shockone, the "bag Adelaide" jokes are old and your assumption that you were introducing the crowd to the genre of drum and bass whilst playing in the biggest nightclub in the state was as pretentious as it was lame.


Crappy support acts out of the way headliners Karnivool more than made up for the lack of quality at the beginning of the show by offering plenty at the end. Casually walking on stage accompanied by a very effective lighting rig, the band wasted no time opening up with the dual powerhouse of Goliath and Simple Boy. The sound of the guitars filled the room, and it ought to considering each guitarist had two amp stacks, with frontman Ian Kenny's unique voice wailing over the top. Cracking out the crowd favourites early, the band continued with C.O.T.E and Themata before focusing on the latest record ‘ Sound Awake' with Umbra, All I Know and Deadman. To prove that the time not spent touring hasn't been wasted the band offered a glimpse into their new material with the track The Refusal, one of the highlights of the set, and a progression on the band's sound which will make any fan eager to hear more new music from the group. The band themselves kept fairly reserved throughout the set letting their light show busy the stage for them as the continued with Set Fire To The Hive and Illumine, before jumping back to their first EP release with Fade. The main set ended with the audience moving in perfect unison to Roquefort before the band returned to the many cheers for an encore consisting of Synops and New Day.


As expected the punters witnessed another brilliant performance from Karnivool which more than made up for the poor support choices. It is a shame that we won't see the band again this year but after this concert everyone who attended will be safe in the knowledge that the next show will be well worth the wait.

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