Sons of Rico

with Boys Boys Boys

It's definitely winter in Melbourne. The cold seems to slow the whole city down, and those inside the East Brunswick Club seem halfway to hibernation. While an assortment of up-and-coming Perth musicians sharing a stage seems enough to coax many out of the house, this Thursday night is a very relaxed affair.


The chatter dies away as Boys Boys Boys appear in all of their sparkly glory. The ear-to-ear grins of the band's three leading ladies seem to shrink a little as a wave of crunchy distortion spews out of the stage monitors, but within no time things are running smoothly and the fun begins. Despite their drummer's best theatrics, this show is all about the girls. Splitting vocal duties and choreographed dance moves equally between them, the three completely take over the stage and have an absolute blast in the process. Maybe it's a few sequined costumes and a truckload of hairspray short of kitsch, but it's plenty of fun to watch. Their upbeat electro-pop goes over very nicely, and the whole band continue to pick up steam until the final flamboyant cymbal crash.


Sons of Rico announce their arrival to the suddenly dark room with a couple of blasts from the stage lighting, timed perfectly to the drum intro of 'The Keeper'. It's simple but incredibly effective, and just like that they hold the room's attention. It doesn't take long for the band to make it clear that they know exactly what they're doing. Every member handles their instrument deftly, and as a unit they're incredibly tight. Just to make sure nobody doubts them, the lights fade to a single beam around Glenn Sarangapany as he whips out the most impressive guitar solo of the night, right there in the opening track.


Sons of Rico seem as relaxed on the stage as their audience are in the room in from of them, sitting comfortably within the chilled out atmosphere of the night. When the songs hit hard the band throw themselves into the performance with as much energy as you could hope for, but for the most part they seem happy to just sit back and let the music speak for itself. They don't so much demand the attention of the room, but instead earn it in all the right places. As the night goes on the songs seem to wash together a little, but there's enough atmosphere about them that it's nice to drift off in. The texture of their most recent studio effort 'Reactions' holds up well in the live mix, and quite fittingly the album dominates the setlist.


It all builds up to the back-to-back combination of ‘This Madness ' and ‘Miss Adventure,' and the band capitalize on recent Triple J airplay to get a bit of movement out of Melbourne's sleepiest audience. Just like that the house lights are back up and we head back out to face the cold, feeling a bit better about the winter.

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