Art vs Science

It was a cold and wet evening as punters descended on Metro City to see Aussie electro, indie darlings, Art Vs Science unleash their Experiment on the faithful, and weatherly daring. A modest crowd had arrived early for the indie anthems being pumped out by The King Tito DJ's, The Strokes, Hot Chip and other Triple J anthems such as Joan Of Arc and Teenage Crime kept the groovers moving and shaking for the early part.


Strange Talk, looking "oh so 80's" and sounding every little bit of throw-back synth, were an awesome little intro to what the evening had instore. Opening with the upbeat "We Can Pretend" and sprawling through debut EP tracks "Climbing Walls" and "Is it Real?". The lead singer looked like Morrissey, bringing a little Melbournian chic as the set rolled on. A nod to No Doubt with a funked up cover of "Hella Good" was a massive highlight, as the band bounced around lapping up the filling dancefloor, top marks.


After a few more tunes from the King Titos, the lights dimmed and under a cover of darkness, Art Vs Science took their positions as the side stage big screens lit up with the AVS logo and after a minor keyboard malfunction, and an extended build up they burst into "AIM Fire" and all signs said go.


With a "Waaaaasssssup Perth?" and a "Would you like to get high with Art Vs Science, Perth?" they blasted into "Higher", around this point I realised if you put a couple of helmets on the lads could resemble Daft Punk, the live sound is very similar however Art vs Science own the live show, even though now and then the electro rock opera could drown out a little vocal clarity.


Set highlight "Friend In The Field" showed just how awesome and talented Art vs Science can be when things are slowed down ever so slightly, before "Magic Fountain" had the kids reaching for their camera phones and the intensity had lifted. The feet stomping was uncontrollable - Nerd Rock, had never sounded so good.


The pace slowed down, as did the mood as album tracks of The Experiment were given a whirl, which most took as a chance to grab a drink and take a breather. Spirit fingers were introduced for the first and only time for the commencement of "Parlez Vous Francais", which had the crowd "Wooo-ing" as one, and brought the debut appearance of an electric guitar.


For a band who rely pretty exclusively on synths, man! can they produce filthy bass lines, but the electric guitars performance was quite a show in itself - get this - an amazing guitar solo being produced onstage with one hand, while the other hand holds a beer, then sculling said beer whilst not missing a chord on the solo, on another band mates shoulders, ludicrous, and very entertaining, theses guys have skills.


"Flippers" had the "hey ho's" invading the concert club which faded into "Finally See Our Way", however for such an epic track the vocal was lost ever so slightly in the mix - the final countdown-esque keys solo more than made up for it as well as the 2 front men making their way to stage front to hand out high fives for happy punters,


Wrapping up a fantastic show were the hardcore, almost Gabba like sounds of "Bumblebee" before finishing with a near perfect rendition of old fave "Hollywood". Art Vs Science put on a smashing show to start their Australian tour, and for those about to electro rock, Art vs Science salutes you.

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