with Violent Soho and Jackson Firebird

It's been awhile since Jebediah have been active, but the return of their rather impressive new album Kosciuszko has also marked the return of their live show, equally as impressive.


First things first however, the night kicked off with Jackson Firebird, a two-piece blues rock outfit who used various effects to create a vast landscape of sound projecting the image of something bigger than what they were. The set was exciting and received a good response from those that were there early to see it.


The main support of the night was Brisbane natives Violent Soho, who are apparently trying to tell us that grunge is back. Decked out in their flannel shirts and long hair the group powered through their thundering rock songs with plenty of headbanging aggression. The band seemed to be a bunch of guys having fun and not caring too much, which was evident to the crowd who thoroughly enjoyed the set, especially the "fuck you" song and newer tracks.


The room was full by the time Jebediah took the stage hinting that there are still plenty of people who are very much interested in what the group can offer. Wasting no time at all the band jumped straight into "Lost My Nerve", the opening track from the new album, which everyone in the room must already know well judging by the amount of punters singing along.


The energy and pace were kept up with another new track "Control and It's Over" from 2004's Braxton Hicks, both of which showed the impressive tones of front man Kevin Mitchell. The first glimpse of the band's debut record came in the form of "Puckdefender" which, judging, by the crowd response meant that fans were eager to hear the much loved older material. The group, clearly knowing this, jumped back into the current day in a sort of tease with "Under Your Bed and High (Horse)" before one of the set highlight's, the double whammy of "Please Leave" and "Harpoon", both of which scored impressive sing-a-longs.


The career break clearly did wonders for the band members who all seemed refreshed and genuinely enjoying the chance for a walk down memory lane as well as an opportunity to show of some new tunes. The set traveled along jumping all over the catalogue with "To Your Door", "Fall Down" and "Benedict" before the massive closing run of "Animal", "Run Of The Company" and "Oxygen".


The fact that an obvious encore was on the cards didn't stop the crowd from screaming desperately for one which consisted of "Feet Touch The Ground" and "Battlesong", and ending with two of the moments everyone was waiting for - "Leaving Home" and "Jerks Of Attention".


If the show did one thing, it reminded all who were there how much they loved Jebediah's music and now thankfully to their reformation, we all have the opportunity of experiencing it again.

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