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The Tote and Melbourne indie rock legends, Even have endless stories to tell from their years in the business. Last Saturday night, it seemed fitting to the boys from Even to take the twelfth annual XMAS EVEN show to the one venue which provided both a nostalgic and a passionate crowd.


In a jam packed bandroom, the boys from Jeff The Brotherhood provided a psychedelic support for the Melbourne trio, who when taking the stage, made an all out attempt to burst every eardrum with their endlessly popular, and recognisably Melbourne power rock.


Ashley Naylor, Matthew Cotter and Wally Kempton filled the stage and the eyes of their crowd as if they had been the closest of friends for years.


Lead singer/guitarist Ash Naylor thanked the crowd for their support, wiped the profuse sweat from his brow and commenced his token stage flair. Flailing his legs and guitar in all directions, arching his back as far as his shirt could possibly let him; it was exactly what Even fans had come to see.


I guess that's what we love about these three. Even after the years of touring, lugging around and setting up equipment, failing sound techs, lights and the odd rude audience, we can still expect to see them rock a set like it's their first gig.


When it comes to the Melbourne live music scene, you frankly cannot get anymore pro than these three.


With as fancy a set as you'll ever see in the Tote's main stage, the group played for the full duration and more, despite their obvious issues with the heat.


After six studio albums, another one in the oven and 15 years of Melbourne rock and roll experience, you could imagine the nostalgia floating around the room. The three overfilled the small stage with their full length stage struts and up close sweaty brows.


From debut album Less is More to Come Again and Free Kicks, this iconic Melbourne trio belted track after track, anthem after anthem to the two hundred strong crowd.


All in all, Even provided "Toters" a reliable show. Filled with recognisable riffs and lyrics we could all sing along too.


After enjoying a few of the finest ales found anywhere in Melbourne, I came out of there feeling lucky. Not really to have seen and heard Even, but to have seen them in the perfect setting. A match made in Melbourne Indie Rock heaven.


May they grow old together…

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