Lanie Lane

As I walked into the Grace Emily Hotel for the Lanie LaneWhat Do I Do' tour, the quaint charm and uniqueness of the mismatched wall hangings and ordainments hit me just as hard the first time I had ever ventured there, and as Miss Lane took to the small stage I felt that same pang of quaint hit me; but Lanie Lane was far from just a cutesy 50's pin up looking girl with a guitar. Her music was a collection of Blues and Pop that everyone no matter what style they were into initially seemed to enjoy. The title track from the tour has recently been put into frequent rotation on Triple J and it also earned her a spot at the 2011 Sydney Big Day Out.


With no start time posted in the venue the mix of the crowd, who varied between true fans and rather drunk cricket supporters fresh from a day at the ashes, began to get slightly restless but with Lanie Lane's arrival to her simplistic stage set up of just a stool and acoustic guitar she soon turned the vibe into a true bluesy pop-fest that everyone got into, it only took her one song before she had everyone in the crowd eating out of the palm of her hand with her sweet but sassy nature.


Right from the first song, Like Me Meaner which was then followed by a ballad to her beloved guitar entitled Betty's Song, Lane proved over and over that her vocal range and persona presented her as a modern day Billie Holiday with a serve of Doris Day for good measure. Her talent and personality stood up enough on its own two feet that the simplistic light & stage setting not only helped but was perfect for her uncomplicated and beautifully executed set.


Rounding out the set with a crowd pleasing up-beat Don't Cry and finished up with the current single What Do I Do, Laney had people dancing, singing backup, clicking/stamping feet and laughing along with her, whilst others like myself sat back and marvelled at the power of her vocal range, something that singers like Gabriella Cilmi and others who try and hit those 40's-50's sounding notes would kill for.


This was the first time I had experienced Lanie Lane and I would highly recommend her to everyone, her show was fun and playful with no stillness. Her friendly happy character shines through in her music making her easy to watch as if you were watching a friend.

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