The Butterfly Effect

with Calling All Cars

Hitting the regional towns of Australia was a welcome change for Brisbane's heavy rock outfit The Butterfly Effect. The '4 Wheels And A Heartbeat' tour sees the band go through towns such as Mildura and Tamworth, and on a frosty friday night, they ended up in Bathurst.


Joining them on tour were Melbourne rockers, Calling All Cars, no strangers to the live scene having supported them before and other huge acts like AC/DC, Cog, Shihad and Grinspoon. A decent following had arrived early enough to see the dynamic 3-piece belt it out, delivering favourites such as 'Animal', 'Little Red' and 'Not Like Anybody'. The crowd participation was strong, proving that Calling All Cars are really making their mark.


The Butterfly Effect came on with a couple of golden oldies to rev up the crowd, 'Crave' followed by 'Take It Away'. The band played a varied set of their whole backlog including a couple of rarities, 'Sweet and Low' and 'A.D'. Announcing they will be back in the studio this year, with a release sometime next year, the band pulled out a brand new track 'Five Golden Rings', an epic melodical masterpiece that builds up and explodes. Other crowd favourites included 'One Second of Insanity', 'Reach', 'Gone' and 'A Slow Descent'.


After a quick break the band return to the calls of "Encore" to finish the night with the 7minute epic first track from their latest album 'Final Conversation Of Kings', 'The Worlds on Fire'.


Guitarist Kurt's playing has progressed through each album, and it shows in his live performances, improvising his lead licks here and there. Vocalist Clint Boge is an engaging frontman, and the band has lost no intensity on the older tracks, even though the newer stuff is more polished direction for them.


They played an amazing set and the Bathurst locals were extremely grateful for them to step foot in their sleepy town.

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