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To be honest, I am not really sure what happened on Thursday night at the Troubadour. Sitting in the house of Brisbane's underground pop-art scene, surrounded by the trend-setting muso's, I thought I would be in for a special treat from Melbourne trio Otouto.


Instead, a mismatched ensemble of brilliant talent gone awry, aurally assaulted my sense of well being.


I am aware that I may well be on my own in thinking that this techno/pop/spaced-out band of gorgeous looking individuals has everyone hoaxed with their musical creations, but I have to be truthful. Let's start with the positives; both Hazel and Martha Brown have stunning voices of purity that would bring the toughest hitman to his knees with emotion.


Kishore Ryan can keep an excellent beat, and seems like an accomplished musician in his own right. However, as a band, there is something that just doesn't sound right.


This review is incredibly difficult to write because I want desperately to like Otouto. The girls are humble and shy, their gratitude so innocent and honest it makes me feel like the out of touch parent that just doesn't understand how that ‘noise' can be classified as music. I tried to grasp at any glimmer of rectifying quality in the set and I came up hopelessly empty-handed.


The problem for me is that, this music sounds terribly crafted for the sake of being art. I want to hear music that makes me feel something and unfortunately what I felt was nausea and an overwhelming sense of needing to escape the venue. I am sorry Otouto, your music sounds much better on Myspace.

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