Red walls lined with an assortment of disheveled paintings, a wall carpet and a tokenistic lacy, fringed lamp in the corner.


This could be any Brisbane share house lounge room, filled with an eclectic mix of arty individuals sitting cross-legged on the floor or lounging on shabby couches. Instead, this is the performance space of The Troubadour and standing before the crowd is one young man with a swag full of stories and his heart on his sleeve.


Mike Rosenberg, lead singer of UK band Passenger, has embarked on an acoustic tour of his own. He stands alone on stage, guitar in hand as he allows the audience to witness his most intimate feelings pour fourth in a, hauntingly beautiful, cascade of sound.


We are talking about a voice so remarkable, that it is able to make a cover of Rhianna's 'Umbrella' give you goose bumps.


The attraction to Rosenberg is generated by a unique contrast of impeccable comedic timing, and bittersweet, emotionally driven lyrics. He is a surprisingly funny man with the ability to laugh at his own heart wrenching songs.


Take ‘Anti Love Song' for example; Rosenberg explains that it was written in two parts. The first part when he was in love and the second part after the break-up. The result is a juxtaposition of witty humour and tear-jerking reality blended together with a simple melody and an outstanding voice.


Rosenberg manages to lead you through an entire romance in one hour. From blissful beginning to soul-shattering end, each experience played out with just the right sound track. And, like any twisted lover, Rosenberg leaves you on a high and wanting more.


‘Cheeky Little Monkey', a seemingly nonsense song which he crafted after being criticised for having too many somber tunes finishes the night.


The whole crowd sings along to the chorus well after our man has left the stage. Rosenberg, this clever, beautiful, devious artist has managed to break our hearts and patch them up again and we are none the wiser.

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